Some babies hit the water and are like tiny fish -- loving their bath time from the get go. Other...
Some babies hit the water and are like tiny fish -- loving their bath time from the get go. Other babies need a little help acclimating to the water. Most commonly, babies like the water at first and go through a strange nervous stage at around 9 to 12 months. Here are some no fail bath time tips for babies that do have a nervous water stage. He'll feel more comfortable if he has a safe, secure place to sit. A good bathtub seat like The First Years Tub-To-Seat Bath Complete is a good safe seat that goes from the infant stages to the older baby stage with ease.


showerpetlizard.jpgUse something cool to get that soap on your little. I love the new Lizard Soap and Shampoo Dispenser from The Land of Nod. This fun little critter is sure to keep your baby's mind off the actual soap. I read a great tip once that said to put a visor on your baby during bath time to keep the water and soap out of his eyes. This works if your baby is ok with hats. As a little mine was NOT ok with hats but I had a friend this tip worked wonders for. baby-bath.gifGive him a set of cool and fun bath toys to keep his mind off the scrubbing. Bubbles never hurt either -- just make sure you go with some non-toxic and safe baby bath bubble. California Baby Overtired & Cranky Aromatherapy Bubble Bath was specially blended to de-frazzle your little and smells amazing -- with tangerine, sweet orange, and chamomile. Last up remember never to leave your baby alone in the bath tub. Not even for a second. One it's not safe; a baby can hit his head on the side of the tub and fall under the water in the time it took me to type this sentence and two he'll be happier and more relaxed with you there by his side.

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