Sorry folks that I was MIA; I had a rather lame family emergency but hopefully it's getting back to normal...
Sorry folks that I was MIA; I had a rather lame family emergency but hopefully it's getting back to normal around here so I can be back with the latest and greatest baby and pregnancy news :) Today I'll be doing some extra posts to make up for my MIA time and I thought it might be way fun to talk about first birthdays. Your baby will eventually have one so it's not a horrible thing to think about planning. There's the cake, presents, clothing, who to invite, and the eternal question... should a baby even have a party? That last question is significant. I hear it often. Babies aren't really expected to remember their first birthday and so why go to the trouble. I think a first birthday is a huge event. I'm not saying hire a clown and pony or invite forty guests but your baby will remember the event in pictures. My son loves his first birthday pictures even though he looks absolutely miserable in most of them. 779861_happy_birthday.jpgGeneral rules for a first birthday bash:
  • The party, while technically for the little one is way more significant to adults so plan accordingly. If you invite many guests make sure you have some adult sized nibbles and drinks available.
  • With this age group invite as many babies as you like. The rules change from the second birthday on because a room full of overwhelmed toddlers is a recipe for disaster. But at this age each baby will attend with a parent (obviously) so you'll have plenty of help. Plus most one year old babies won't fight with each other -- bonus.
  • Have an egg and dairy-free cake if possible. One year olds are right on the edge of being able to eat real egg and dairy products but don't experiment at a birthday. The last thing you want is a sick birthday baby.
  • Get the little hats if you like; but don't expect your baby to be happy about it.
  • If everyone insists on singing happy birthday keep it sort of calm. I've seen very few one year olds not burst into tears when a bunch of adults blast a song at them. It's a lot of noise for a little one.
  • NO balloons! If you want to hang them that's fine. But babes and toddler should never play with balloons -- they are huge choking hazards if they pop. Plus if one does pop in a baby's face the force can cause tooth loss or harm their eyes and the noise can hurt their tiny ears.
  • Don't be disappointed if your little seems distressed, upset, or has no fun what-so-ever. This first birthday is a whole new experience and can be stressful for babies. Take pictures and enjoy yourself but don't stress about the party. Keep it low-key.
Stick around because we'll be looking at all the other fun aspects of first birthday planning today! What are you planning for your baby's first?

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