In the last post I covered 10 things your baby will never use. On the flip side there are some...
In the last post I covered 10 things your baby will never use. On the flip side there are some essential baby items you (and your little one) cannot live without.
  1. A proper car seat: This is likely the most important item you'll need for your baby and the most important to get right. Notice I said a "proper" car seat. That means the right sized seat for the right sized and aged baby. It's okay to splurge for the best. If you need help picking the perfect seat read this useful post.
  2. home_ask.jpgA Boppy pillow: Or other boppy-like pillow. The Boppy was one of the most used baby and mama items I owned. Very useful for breastfeeding and holding Cedar as he'd sleep. Later Cedar used it to help him sit up. This item we used every single day for at least a year.
  3. A baby carrier: I had the Baby Bjorn but there are tons of great brands. Alternatively, a sling will work as well. Remember a frequently held baby is a happier and cries less.
  4. A baby bathtub: A mixed one -- because you can just give your baby a sink bath or have them in the tub with you but it's much easier in the beginning to bath a slippery soapy baby in his own little tub.
  5. Teething rings: Once the teething starts you'll be happy to have some of these waiting in the freezer to calm little hurt mouths. One tip get a few different brands. Cedar, and other babies I've known can be surprisingly picky when it comes to teething rings. Odd when you consider that babies will eat most everything else including your shoes.
  6. baby-spoons.jpgMany baby spoons: Why? When you start feeding your baby he'll decide that spoons are the coolest thing ever -- to throw, chew, and grab from you. Believe me, you'll need more than one. One for you about 10 for the baby.
  7. A changing table: Here's the thing; being the thrifty mama I am I decided a changing table was an unnecessary item. A year later -- my back hurt from always kneeling on the bed, floor, or couch to change Cedar. If I have another baby I'm getting a changing table. The best bet is to get one that converts into a normal dresser so that it's still useful later on.
  8. A puppet: Any kind of puppet! The best baby toy ever. Hours and hours of fun I personally promise.
  9. A no smell diaper pail: For various reasons we used disposables diapers. We should have bought a diaper pail right away but again it took thrifty me months to realize how bad baby diapers can start to smell. I had the Diaper Genie which I actually don't recommend because you need to buy special bags. My best friend currently has this diaper pail and her baby's room is perfectly smell free!
  10. candy_03-180×135.jpgLove: Ok, you think this sounds dramatic and overly poetic. It's not! You can buy cool baby items until the cows come home and with very few exceptions (the car seat for instance) your little one can do without them and survive and thrive. What your baby can't do without is the most love and attention you can reasonably offer. It's ok to take a break, it's ok to let him alone to cry if you're too frustrated, and it's ok if you want to return to work. But most of the time, when it's possible, your baby just wants to be with you, near you, and surrounded by the admiration that only you can have for this tiny human. Stuff is nice and sometimes really nice -- but you and time are the best gifts you can give your baby.
What item can't you and your little live without?

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