Articles in Third Trimester:

  1. Pregnancy

    How to enjoy your third trimester

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    Your Golden Trimester is over, and your third is making you more uncomfortable week by week, but in some ways, it can be the most...
  2. Labor and birth

    Signs you're in labor

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    There is no sure-fire way to know when you are going to go into labor. However, there are some signs that indicate that labor is...
  3. Pregnancy nutrition

    Food fixes

    You may be hungrier than ever, but nausea, indigestion and the need to control your calorie intake can make it tough to get the...

  4. Organize your second trimester

    The second trimester is a fun one. You're not totally exhausted anymore, hopefully you're not having morning sickness anymore, and...

  5. Your pregnancy checklist

    Yesterday we started looking at important tasks during each of your pregnancy trimesters. Today, I thought I'd gather all the...