Articles in Summer:

  1. news

    Witnesses have Texas mom's back

    A day after Gabriel del Valle accused a woman in Katy, Texas, of getting her hair cut while her two young toddlers sat in the hot...
  2. Baby

    Don't forget Baby in the car

    Now that the summer heat has really settled in, more and more news reports across the nation are focused on babies suffering severe...
  3. Fun stuff

    Summer travel with an infant

    There's no need to stay home all summer if you're the parents of a newborn. Just make sure you're prepared before you go — then hit...
  4. Products

    Dress baby for summer

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    There is nothing more precious than a baby's soft new skin. So how can you protect it during the hot summer months beyond slathering...
  5. Baby

    Indoor activities to keep baby busy

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    When the weather just becomes too unbearably hot to spend at the park or even getting wet at a splash pad, take shelter indoors. But...
  6. Baby

    10 Ideas for summer fun with baby

    There is just something about summertime that seems to invoke the kid in us all. Instead of letting that feeling pass you by, take...
  7. Pregnancy

    Pregnancy and hot weather

    It's hot out there and you probably feel hotter because you are pregnant. Obstetrician/Gynecologist David Barrere offers some tips...