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  1. Baby

    Decoding Baby's skin

    Describing something as "smooth as a baby's bottom" isn't always accurate. Things can be less than smooth and perfect — on their...
  2. Baby Care

    Baby rashes 101

    Get a handle on your baby's skin sensitivities with our go-to guide on typical — and some not so typical — infant skin issues.
  3. Pregnancy

    10 Pregnancy skin care tips

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    That pregnancy glow doesn't come naturally for all women. Some expectant moms actually struggle with difficult skin during their...
  4. Cesarean

    Skin-to-skin during your cesarean

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    Having a cesarean does not mean you and your baby need to miss out on near immediate skin-to-skin contact. Learn how you can...
  5. Baby

    What's that on my baby's skin?

    We all want baby-soft, clear skin, but even babies often aren't that lucky, says Joshua Fox, MD, Long Island dermatologist and...
  6. Baby

    Baby's skin conditions

    An infant's skin is sensitive and can experience numerous changes and conditions in the first few weeks of life. Parents may be...
  7. Baby

    Babies in the sunshine

    Should you take your baby out in the sun? Here are some tips to ensure your baby's delicate skin is protected.
  8. Baby

    What is lanugo?

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    Have a question for our experts? Ask it here .
  9. Baby

    Cradle cap & newborns

    Find out more about cradle cap, a common scalp condition affecting newborns. Hair expert Karen Shelton tells you how to manage it.
  10. Pregnancy

    Sunshine safety

    During pregnancy, is it safe to be outside in the sun? And is it okay to use sunless tanning creams? Family Physician Jane Forester...
  11. Baby

    Skin changes during pregnancy

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    Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: The Ultimate Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between is...