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  1. Pregnancy

    Had it with hemorrhoids?

    Hemorrhoids are swollen but normally present blood vessels in and around the anus and lower rectum that stretch under pressure --...
  2. Pregnancy

    Easing the pain of childbirth

    As the baby's due date draws near, all mothers-to-be feel some concern about the pain of childbirth. It's natural to worry about how...
  3. Baby

    Help for endometriosis sufferers

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    There is no way to prevent endometriosis. It's a fancy name for the chronic disease that afflicts an estimated 5.5 million women in...
  4. Pregnancy

    Labor and pain management

    Giuditta Tornetta, doula, lactation educator, hypnotherapist and author of Joy in Birthing , shares some ways to manage pain during...
  5. Pregnancy

    Epidural: An option for you?

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    "Get the epidural!" said every single one of my friends with kids. I expected to. I planned to. I didn't get to. For many women, an...
  6. Pregnancy

    How will I feel after a c-section?

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    More than just a means of bringing your baby into the world, a cesarean section is major surgery. How will you feel after giving...
  7. Baby

    Overcoming sore nipples (part 2)

    Nipple soreness is one of the most common reasons new mothers give for discontinuing breastfeeding, often during the first week of...