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    Pro golfer puts family before work

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    PGA golfer Hunter Mahan gave up the lead in the RBC Canadian Open when his wife went into labor, and flew home to be with her --...
  2. Baby

    Moms share: What we love about newborns

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    Your newborn brings not only challenges, but an amazing rush of feelings that you never knew were possible. These moms told us what...
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    Moms tell us: Newborn challenges

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    The first few weeks of your baby’s life can be the most challenging that you’ve ever experienced. We asked moms what their biggest...
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    Why your baby won't stop crying

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    Nothing stresses out a new mama more than not being able to soothe her baby. Don’t freak out — we’re here to help!
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    Born with a love of speech

    Do human newborns develop their preference for speech through in-utero eavesdropping, or is their penchant for speech innate? It's a...
  6. Baby

    That hurts! Newborns and pain

    When you get a shot, chances are you know what to expect, close your eyes and prepare for the needle stick. Believe it or not,...
  7. Baby

    Here's looking at you, Mom!

    Your baby is still learning a lot about his new world, but babies as young as six months can do one thing better than Mom and Dad:...