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    Decoding Baby's skin

    Describing something as "smooth as a baby's bottom" isn't always accurate. Things can be less than smooth and perfect — on their...
  2. Baby

    Don't forget Baby in the car

    Now that the summer heat has really settled in, more and more news reports across the nation are focused on babies suffering severe...
  3. Fun stuff

    Summer travel with an infant

    There's no need to stay home all summer if you're the parents of a newborn. Just make sure you're prepared before you go — then hit...
  4. parenting

    Asleep on the job?

    Any new parent knows that the lack of sleep that comes with parenthood is enough to drive you insane. But is it enough to make you...
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    Sleep stressors decoded

    You'd think when baby goes down to sleep, you'd be able to take your mom hat off for a few hours and relax. But many new moms tend...
  6. Baby Newborn

    Reshape your baby's ears

    Thanks to a UK doctor, parents can help their babies avoid future ear surgery with a medical device used at home. Would you use it...
  7. Fun stuff

    Date night out with Baby

    You don't have to stay in or get a sitter when your new baby arrives. If you get creative with date night ideas, you can simply...
  8. parenting

    10 Life hacks for new parents

    When you're a new parent, you don't need the stress of doing everything perfectly — you need some shortcuts to get you through those...
  9. Baby Newborn

    First Valentine's Day with Baby

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    Your first Valentine's Day with a new baby brings an entirely new element of love to your Feb. 14 celebration. Celebrate the new...