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  1. Pregnancy

    Not tonight dear, you're pregnant!

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    Imagine this scenario: Your hormones are raging, making you feel ready for love. You begin massaging your husband's back and kissing...
  2. Baby

    Is it okay to spoil your kids?

    None of us want "spoiled" kids -- kids who are bratty, self-centered, demanding, inconsiderate. So, what spoils children and what...
  3. Fallback Channel

    Handmade love

    It's a loving cycle: Warm hearts inspire gifts to warm the feet which in turn warm the hearts of the recipients. Kim Marie Wood...
  4. Baby

    Making room for romance

    The initial passion fades, and routine settles your life. You and your partner have become best friends, but where are the romantic...
  5. Pregnancy for dads

    The sex-starved marriage

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    Please, please help me. I am going through hell!! I am 28 years old, married with a three-year-old daughter. For the past three...
  6. Baby

    Sex during pregnancy

    Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: The Ultimate Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between and...