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  1. Pregnancy

    Due date blues? Ways to pass the time

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    If you’re already on maternity leave, or are simply counting down the days until you can hold your baby, you may be going crazy with...
  2. Betsy

    Week 40: Forever pregnant

    Betsy Bailey February 23, 2000 I can't believe it. I'm still reeling a little from the shock of having my due date...
  3. Betsy

    Week 39: Craving the pain

    Betsy Bailey Stress Monday was an incredibly stressful day and for once it had nothing to do with pregnancy. Well, I suppose...
  4. Betsy

    Week 36: Ready to slow down

    Betsy Bailey Bigger and bigger The consensus from most of the world is that I "sure don't look 36 weeks pregnant." And...
  5. Betsy

    Week 35: Only one month to go

    Betsy Bailey Uterine activity Things are getting very interesting around here. At the end of week 34, I started noticing a...
  6. Betsy

    Week 34: Growth spurt!

    Betsy Bailey Lumbering around Ohmygoodness... suddenly overnight I have gotten HUGE. Earlier this week I had a specific maternity...
  7. Betsy

    Week 33: Feeling great

    Betsy Bailey Feeling good -- surprisingly so Wow, I didn't realize how much I overdid it during December until this week. I...
  8. Betsy

    Week 28: Worry, worry, worry

    Betsy Bailey Deepest, darkest fears I can't believe I'm going to be in labor again someday soon. That reality is really starting...
  9. Betsy

    Week 27: Holiday spirit

    Betsy Bailey Hypoglycemia Baby is very active and feelable these days. I am becoming very well-acquainted with this one foot that...