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  1. Fun stuff

    Raise a nature-loving baby

    You don't have to — in fact you shouldn't — wait until Baby gets older to introduce him to the wonderful world around him. Raise a...
  2. Baby

    Help relieve Baby's colic

    Listening to the non-stop earsplitting cries of your newborn is enough to break any new mom's heart and enough drive her a little...
  3. New moms

    How to get help with your newborn

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    Adjusting to a newborn can be overwhelming, but there's no rule that says you have to do it alone. A wacky sleep schedule, your...
  4. Baby

    8 Ways for dads to bond with baby

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    When it comes to newborns, Dads may feel like Moms take the driver’s seat. Encourage dad to start bonding with baby from day one....
  5. Baby

    5 Bottle feeding tips for dads

    Letting your baby take a bottle from dad is a great way to encourage bonding and gives mom a much-needed break. There’s a special...
  6. Baby

    A guide to common baby rashes

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    Your little one's smooth, baby-soft skin is suddenly covered in a bumpy, blistery rash. And as a new parent, you're in panic mode....
  7. The Hatch Blog

    Top 10 baby travel tips

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    Do you long for the days when you could toss everything you needed for a weekend away into one bag and take the long way to your...
  8. Baby

    Is your baby dehydrated?

    Spring and summer bring a wonderful array of new sights and sounds for your baby to discover. She can listen to the birds, smell...
  9. New moms

    Developing trust

    Newborn babies need to become attached to at least one person who provides security and love. This first and most basic emotional...