Articles in First Trimester:

  1. Pregnancy

    Dress your barely there bump

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    Dressing your baby bump is such fun when you've really "popped." However, many women struggle with how to dress when they are newly...
  2. Pregnancy

    Waiting to announce your pregnancy

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    You may have many reasons for waiting to announce your pregnancy, but it can be difficult to keep it on the down low when you’re...
  3. Pregnancy

    Fun tips for early pregnancy

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    Your pregnancy may just be beginning, but here are some fun -- and sometimes essential -- things you can do before your bump pops...
  4. Pregnancy nutrition

    Food fixes

    You may be hungrier than ever, but nausea, indigestion and the need to control your calorie intake can make it tough to get the...
  5. Pregnancy

    First trimester woes

    The first trimester of pregnancy can be tough. Many women, even those in perfect physical shape and even those who...

  6. Organize your second trimester

    The second trimester is a fun one. You're not totally exhausted anymore, hopefully you're not having morning sickness anymore, and...