Articles in Fatherhood:

  1. Pregnancy

    Including Dad in pregnancy

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    A woman's role during pregnancy and delivery is quite clear. But a father-to-be's role is not quite so cut and dry. Help your man...
  2. TTC

    Another child? Is Dad ready?

    Every dad needs support, encouragement, information, confidence and tools to help him be as involved as he possibly can with his new...
  3. Baby

    Dads, new babies and jealousy

    Now that we've had a baby, I'm jealous of all the time they spend together, and I feel left out. Is this normal, and how can I...
  4. Baby

    Fear and parenting

    In my pre-fatherhood days, Saturday night meant excitement. There were the pre-marriage nights of cluelessly searching for women,...
  5. Baby

    Piloting the 'Father Ship'

    Grab a cup o' Joe, sit back and follow The Family Man's humorous and inspiring journey through fatherhood.
  6. Baby

    Dads in the delivery room

    Not all that long ago, dads weren't expected -- or even welcome -- to attend the births of their children. Today, though, any guy...
  7. Pregnancy for dads

    Dads worry

    Ron HuxleyQuestion: "While I want to have a family, I've been increasingly nervous throughout my wife's pregnancy. How can we...