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  1. Pregnancy

    Healthy up your pregnancy cravings

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    Pregnancy cravings are fickle -- dependent on your queasy tummy or simply what you’re desperately in the mood for. Here are a few...
  2. The Hatch Blog

    Eating habits

    If your toddler seems picky or seems not to eat enough, don't worry. Columnist Ann Douglas offers some insight. Have a question for...
  3. Baby

    Avert issues with kids, food

    Parents may not realize that the foods they offer early on can influence a child's eating habits later in life.
  4. Baby

    Keep infants safe from botulism

    All-natural. Organic. Unprocessed. These have become popular "synonyms" for healthful and nutritious when they describe foods. But...
  5. Baby food

    Homemade baby food

    Want to feed your baby healthier, fresher food? Or maybe you'd like to save money on baby food? Here are tips for making your own...
  6. Pregnancy

    Eating during labor

    Most of us know not to eat while in labor, but in early labor having a nutritious meal gives you some much needed energy. Childbirth...