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  1. Baby

    Step by step guide to a home birth

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    Home birth means laboring on your own terms – and turf. Everyone is there for you. While you can’t know exactly what will...
  2. Pregnancy

    How to prepare for a water birth

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    As parents today, you have many options when choosing a labor and delivery experience. Whether you choose to welcome your bundle of...
  3. Baby

    Doulas: A trend that makes sense

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    Rachel Gurevich, author of The Doula Advantage: Your Complete Guide to Having a Shorter, Healthier, and More Comfortable B
  4. Pregnancy

    Homebirth at the hospital

    Doulas, birthing assistants, can make all the difference at your birth. Here, Doula Giuditta Tornetta explains how one mom can have...
  5. Baby

    Finding a doula

    Congratulations! By choosing to have a doula help you in your journey toward motherhood, you've made a choice to have a healthier...