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  1. Baby

    Taking care of the new mom

    Becoming a mom is a life changing event. But while mom tends to focus on baby, she may not be aware of the many emotional and...
  2. Baby

    Diaper rash 101

    Most babies get diaper rash at some point, but here are some tips to help prevent diaper rash as much as possible -- and keep your...
  3. Baby

    Piercing baby's ears

    Real Moms talk about piercing Baby's ears on our message boards. Check it out!
  4. Baby

    6 cloth diaper myths exposed

    What comes to mind when at the mention of cloth diapers? Do you have ugly visions of dunking soiled diapers in the toilet bowl? Or...
  5. Fallback Channel

    Help with hair color

    Are you considering coloring your hair for the first time? Or maybe you've tried to color your hair but can't get just the right...
  6. Baby

    Car seat crying

    Some babies fall asleep almost before you're out of the driveway, but others won't spend five happy minutes in their car seats....