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    Skin care tips for babies

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    Your baby has the most heavenly soft and beautiful skin, but it needs special care. We chat with an expert to find out what to do --...
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    Can babies use acne wash?

    In the movies, newborn babies always have lovely, smooth and rosy skin. However, real-life babies often have little whiteheads and...
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    Newborn baby skin care tips

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    Newborn baby skin can be a surprise from pimples to blotches to dryness; here's how to cope... Newborn rashes: Most...
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    Deal with baby eczema

    Baby eczema (or dry skin) is a pretty common childhood condition. I once read that eczema is actually THE most...
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    Are baby washcloths worth it?

    You probably own some washcloths. With this in mind, you may be thinking, "Are baby washcloths worth the extra expense?"...