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    4 Sweet shoes for baby girl

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    With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we have the color pink on the brain. Check out our selection of adorable baby girl...
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    Umi three stage baby shoes

    Umi has a new three tier line of baby shoes that are developmentally correct and also SUPER adorable. Stage 1:...
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    Halloween shoes for baby

    Each year Monkey-toes hauls out the most adorable Halloween baby shoes and this year is no exception. These cute Halloween...
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    Robeez baby boots

    We're big fans of Robeez here at Pregnancy & Baby both for their baby sensible and safe footwear and their...
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    Jack & Lily baby shoes

    Jack & Lily make some super adorable baby shoes that are not only cute but baby feet friendly.These are perfect...
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    Monster baby Halloween shoes

    Anna Bean offers adorable monster shoes for little ones each Halloween and this year there are some new styles to...
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    Safe baby sandals for summer

    Sandals are nice for summer because they're cooler than regular shoes and of course match summer attire, however, when it...