Articles in Trimester 3:

  1. Trimester 3

    Changing contractions

    I've noticed that the contractions I've been having are starting to change. Before, I felt them mostly across the top and middle of...
  2. Trimester 3

    Baby shower hostess gifts

    I was wondering what do you guys recommend for getting the hostess as a thank you. She did an excellent job, the shower was at my...
  3. Trimester 3

    Dads getting involved

    So DH and I went to BRU last night to pick up the crib and mattress I had picked out - he had wanted nothing to do with any baby...
  4. Trimester 3

    External versions

    Well, the external version failed. Sometime since the last ultrasound the baby got her butt engaged. The doctor tried very hard to...
  5. Trimester 3

    The 'most wanted' list

    Beer. Sleep. Chocolate. Sex. Those are the things of which pregnant dreams are made! Some third trimester moms share with you what...
  6. Trimester 3

    Setting up a baby registry

    Is it ever too early to register for baby gifts? Some moms who are early in their second trimester talk about how they're planning...
  7. Trimester 3

    Week 37: Minsun's law

    Read along as Minsun, a 29-year-old screenwriter and freelance writer living in Los Angeles, chronicles her first pregnancy.