If you’re trying to conceive, how do you deal with the question from friends, family and even strangers: "So, when are you going to have a baby?"

"When's it gonna be?"

“My usual comment is, ‘We are working on keeping the plants and the fish alive.’ They usually laugh and drop it. Or I say, ‘You'll be the first to know!’” - Lisa

“I usually say, ‘When God decides that it’s time,’ or that we want to have some time alone first. However, I am getting sick of being so nice! I am thinking of replying to my mother in law, ‘When you stop having hot flashes.’ I'd never really do it, but sometimes a girl's gotta have dreams, right?!” - Tasha

“Sometimes I think those people are just making idle chatter. I usually say, ‘We've talked about it but haven't made any decisions yet.’ If they really weren't interested and were just making idle conversation then they change the subject.” – Traci

“My in-laws asked why we weren't pregnant yet. I told them we stopped having sex. My father in-law looked at me strangely, but I haven't heard them ask the question again!” - Ellen


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