The Magical Bond Between Twins

Twins can be eerie sometimes - sharing strong bonds. After all, they were wombmates before they were even born! Even the mother of four month old twinsn notices the tendency her babies have for simultaneous needs: sleeping, waking, eating, diaper changing. The can be especially tricky at 2 a.m.!
Connie Scott

Twins can be eerie sometimes. A mother of four-month-old twin boys, I say this in the most loving and affectionate way. We've all heard the stories. One twin gets struck by lightning in Utah and his brother feels the current in California. Or, identical twins separated at birth meet accidentally 30 years down the road to find they both weight the same, have the same hair cut, drink the same exotic beer and are both firemen.

Twins share strong bonds. After all, they were wombmates before they were even born! Go ahead. You can laugh now. That was a joke. I can already see a special bonding in Adam and Aaron. They sleep, wake, need diaper changings and want to be held at the same time. This can be especially tricky at 2 a.m. when you're really tired. More often than not, when they nap in their swings, they slumber in the same position. It's like seeing double. Their little heads are both leaning to the right with one leg flopped over to the side and one hand resting on a cheek. If one grunts in his sleep, the other grunts. If Aaron whines in his sleep, Adam will whine. If Adam screams out, chances are Aaron will too.

Parlor games
Twins run in my family. I've heard a lot of stories over the years. My twin cousins Kristy and Misty always met in the bathroom when they were in high school during classes. It was never planned. When Kristy was pregnant, Misty had morning sickness. When the girls were in fifth grade together, they sat on different sides of the classroom. One day their teacher, Miss Atkins, told the student to each write a story. Shortly afterward, Atkins was on the phone with their mother asking her to come to school. Margaret arrived to find her daughters wrote the same story without having had contact with each other. Insert theme song from "The Twilight Zone" here.

A friend and I recently took our children to Wal-Mart where we were stopped by one of the many twin-gawkers out there. This particular lady told us about her 23-year old twin daughters. She had been on the telephone with one of them a few days back when her daughter said she had to get off the phone to call her sister. Shortly after, she phoned her mom back to say her twin had been needing to reach her for the past hour. "One of my favorite things to do was to tell them to pick a number," the lady in Wal-Mart confided. "More often than not they picked the same number. You don't believe me now, but try it when yours get older and you'll see." Twins certainly do have some kind of special connection. Science hasn't been able to explain it, so I certainly won't attempt to try. The world is full of mysteries. This is just another one of them which I feel lucky to be able to witness on a regular

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