Moms Tell You When They Registered -- And Where

Is it ever too early to register for baby gifts? Some moms who are early in their second trimester talk about how they're planning ahead, and where they're setting up their registries!
Real moms

"I'm getting really excited and so is our family, and we will probably register the day we find out what we are having! We will probably register at Babies R Us & Baby Depot, or maybe Target... I can't wait!" - Kara

    "I am registering probably in 3 weeks (around 21 weeks). I am going to register at Babies R Us just because I live out of state from my family and Amazon is really easy for online registry access and shipping. I can't wait -- I have been looking around already!" - Kel

I will register at Babies R Us and a couple of specialty baby furniture and accesory stores, Be Dazzled, and Bellini Baby, where I am buying the crib and having the bedding made. I am having three showers in three different cities, so I have to make sure something is accesable to everyone... I guess that would be Babies R Us. But I will be registered here in Dallas for the shower here. I will register at some local stores where my parents live, too. I want to cover all the bases and make sure to spoil this baby boy rotten!" - Angela

    "We're registering at Bellini for furniture and bedding when I'm 20 weeks, Bloomingdale's for the clothing, and BabyStyle for everything else. We're finding out the sex soon, which will make registering so much easier!" - ashley29

"Well, my little single mama to be will be registering at Wal-mart and Target. Those stores are everywhere! I love Target and my brother works at Wal-Mart. I feel kinda low class compared to some here -- wow. But since babies could give a hoot less about what they wear and what their nursery theme is, I guess I luck out." - Tina

    "I think that Babies R Us has the easiest, most comprehensive online selection, so I'm going to go there. I have been thinking about starting to register any day now! It can be a long process." - Marian

"We've already registered for the big stuff at Babies R Us. But I wouldn't use us as examples. We had to do it early because we are going to be apart for the second half of the pregnancy, so there just won't be any other time to do it. I don't think anyone is doing it too early. If you are picky and indecisive like me, it takes a lot of time!" - Noel

    "I will be at Babies R Us and Target -- Target for most of the stuff and BRU for things that I am particular about that Target doesn't have. If my family and I had a local Babies R Us near us, it would probably be my primary, but the closest is 30 miles away... I've registered for a couple of things as I do research and find particular brands that are recommended (so I don't forget), but I'll be doing the serious registering after I get the results of my amnio." - Tricia

"My husband and I registered yesterday because he is about to start a new job where he will be working Friday, Saturay, Sundat and Monday, so there won't be anytime for us to do it on the weekends. (He's a police officer). I'm 19 weeks and 3 dats today. I know it might be a tad early, but we wanted to do it together. We registered at Babies R Us and Target. I have a lot of family out of state and Target is more accessible to them than Babies R Us." - Kristen

    "I'll be registering for the majority of baby's items at and a local specialty store. Babies R Us will be for the odds and ends. I already have a crib, stroller, bouncer and moses basket. I plan to make the crib bedding so I can personalize it." - Erika

"Well, since I am doing Precious Moments, it's hard to find certain things, so Walmart is mainly the room decorations, but we have Target, Babies R Us, and" - Katee

    "We registered this weekend at Pottery Barn Kids for bedding and a few accessories. Some of our family will probably think we are snobs for registering there, but their bedding was comparable to a lot of what we saw elsewhere. I think we will register at Babies R Us [in a couple months] before the first shower invitations go out. I have been keeping a list of things we need and the brands we will be registering for as I've been reading." - Rebecca

"I registered when I was only eight weeks pregnant! We haven't gotten anything yet, but I was just anxious. We chose Baby Depot, cause the prices seemed lower than Babies R Us, and we knew they had one near where most of our family lives. We did have some issues when we were there -- we took the little scanner thingy around to scan things in, but if we spent too long looking at something, it erased everything we'd already put in! We ended up going around and making a list and then running around the store like mad to get them all in the machine in less than 10 minutes! I'm kinda glad we did it so early, cause I don't think I could move that fast now anymore! We're planning to add more toys to it and clothes after we find out the sex." -

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