Hear From Some Best Friends Who Met Online

Pregnancy & Baby's founders, Nancy and Betsy, met via the Internet. (Read that story here.) Here's an amazing letter we received about another pair of friends, Becky and Kym, who also got to know each other online! Here's their story.
Becky and Kym

As fate would have it, we were paired together as "Secret Santa" buddies on the July 2001 GeoParent.com message board. Since that time, we have been inseparable, and we just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the ePregnancy and GeoParent boards. Without them, we would have never been blessed with our newfound family.

Our "friendship" goes far beyond the typical message board acquaintances that can be made virtually on a daily basis. Within the first few posts and chats, we knew that we had found life-long friends in each other -- the kind of friends whom you know you are blessed to have, and whom some people go their entire lives never finding. Before long, our friendship deepened into a sisterhood, and we found ourselves sharing our greatest joys, deepest desires and darkest secrets.

In April 2002, we met in person for the first time. Becky, with nine-month-old Nick in tow, flew from Michigan to Georgia for a four-day visit, and our sentiments of sisterhood were validated when we were together. In June, Kym's family made the return trip to Michigan, and so began the bonding of our entire families. Our friendship was deepened even further when the unbelievable happened: Our husbands Rob and Frank bonded with the same sudden and intense connection that the two of us immediately felt. On that trip, we celebrated the first birthdays of our babies, rejoicing together over a successful first year of parenthood. Kym's family just couldn't stay away and returned for a second visit to Michigan in July. This time, the Wang and Barney families were a cohesive unit, literally sharing everything and caring for one another as true family does.

During the summertime visits, Kym and Frank decided upon having another baby. When their efforts failed in the first few months while trying to conceive without the help of fertility drugs as they had hoped, Kym and Frank were devastated. Not much longer after that, Kym made the appointment with her physician, and they made the decision to try again, using Clomid as they had when they conceived their twins. Becky (and her whole family) prayed like never before that Kym and Frank would be blessed with another child, and had faith that Kym would become pregnant during her first cycle. Kym had her doubts.

Kym and Becky We shared many, many, many emails over the course of every day, talking about symptoms, "what ifs" and even the reality of the situation at hand. The two of us were prepared to handle any news that would come, because we knew we'd face it together. Only eight days past ovulation, Kym found out that she was carrying the newest edition to her family. Guess who the first person she told was? It was none other than Becky, who knew in her heart that Kym would become pregnant right away. Just when things couldn't get much happier, Kym delighted Becky with the news that should she have another daughter, her name would be Kaelyn Rebecca -- her middle name after Becky.

Today, as we sit here and collaboratively write this letter together via email, we prepare for and anxiously await the arrival of Kym's new baby this coming June. In addition, we are hopeful and looking forward to Becky's new TTC [trying to conceive] efforts paying off in the very near future, when again, we will be sharing our pregnancies with each other. Becky is already planning to be present for the birth of Kym's baby. Kym has been dubbed "The Keeper of Becky's Cycles," as every day she analyzes Becky's Ovusoft chart and tracks her daily temperatures. How many other women could accurately predict when their best friends are due to ovulate?

We felt it very appropriate to give thanks to you, Nancy and Betsy, for providing us with the communities that you have worked so very hard to establish. Without it, the two of us would have never been able to fill a vast void that neither of us ever knew was there until we came into each other's lives.

Thank you so very much,

Kymberli Barney and Becky Wang PregnancyAndBaby.com

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