Has your belly button changed during pregnancy? If you've noticed that it's a little different lately, you're not alone.
By real moms

"Is anyone getting to the point where your belly button looks like it will pop? I noticed the past few nights, mine is sticking out and I could pop it with a pin. I feel so much bigger at night. It is amazing what happens to our bodies. My kids think it is so funny that my belly button pops out like that!" - Jennifer

"When I cough, my belly button pops out like a lil' gopher." - JenB

"With my first, it bothered me the whole time. It felt like someone was pulling it from the inside. Wierdest feeling." - Kristina

"Mine is half popped out, literally. The top half of it is completely popped out, no lip or anything -- it's way out there about a quarter inch. Maybe a little more. The bottom is still flush against my belly though. This looks especially funny because I don't have a big pregnant belly yet, just my pooch that I'm so proud of!" - Jenny

"Not quite yet, but it's trying really hard! It's completely flat, and there's a little lip at the top that is sticking out. My husband is totally grossed out! I guess he'll have to get over it, because he's got three and a half more months, and it will only pop out farther!" - Elyse

"Well, mine is going to go any day now, but with my other pregnancies it has always popped out so it is not weird to me. My husband is totally freaked, but he has a weird phobia about belly buttons anyway. It is so funny when I laugh, sneeze or cough. It pokes out kinda like if I had a hernia." - Momee44

"I get hair around my belly button, but not anywhere else on my tummy- very weird!! And it's not blond hair either, but yucky black hair. That combined w/ my belly button flattening out from my expanding tummy makes it really attractive!" - Kristen

"I have the hair around my belly button too. Yuck!" - Lyn

"My belly button has already started its decent outward! I am only 14 weeks. I thought this happened in much later in pregnancy." - Babywishes

"My belly button has popped over the past couple of weeks. It's red and hurts when my shirt touches it." -Izzie

"If it's agony, you might want to get it checked out as it could be herniated." - Dom

"Mine never popped with [my last pregnancy] -- it just flattened. People were amazed 'cause it just looked like I had no belly button! It was almost like a party trick." - Audrey "I was an 'innie' last week, and then one morning I woke up as an 'outie.' I even had to remove my belly button ring because it looked so funny. [Editor's note: Check out www.pregnancypiercings.com.] I showed all the girls at work last night and they couldn't stop giggling, saying it was just 'so cute!'" - Crystal

"It hurts me to cough, sneeze, whatever. My belly button is definitely sticking out further then it did the first time. My brother calls it a penis, my husband calls it a nipple. Boys! Mine hurts a lot though also because -- for some reason -- hubby loves to pinch it when he notices it through my shirt." - JillPregnancyAndBaby.com

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