Do You Have Hair Growing In Strange Places Now?

File this one under "Things you don't want to ask your doctor." Is pregnancy leaving you feeling a little fuzzy? Well, if so, you're not alone!
By real moms

"I have dark hairs growing from my belly button on down... anyone else having this? It's wild! Ick." - Joy, 12 weeks

"I got this when I was preggo with #1, and it's never gone away. There isn't a lot, and I just shave it... but it's still kinda embarrassing." - Saara

"My preggy belly hairs have taken off, too, all of a sudden. They grow all the way down from the top of my belly... Hopefully, they'll buzz off afterwards! - Juli

"I have hairs growing all over my belly... I've never been a really hairy person, but lately I have hair growing on my belly, my arm hair has decided to multiply, and the hair on my legs grows faster than I can shave it... I'm going to be really upset if I start growing facial hair." -

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