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    Week 36 - Holiday

    ValerieWell, the past week wasn't a holiday, so I guess that's not such an accurate title. However, at the time of...
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    Week 35 - The home stretch

    ValerieOK, so I'm officially in that place I consider "the home stretch." There are about five weeks left of this pregnancy...
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    Week 33 - Midwifery 101

    ValerieWell, this evening we are planning to attend a "class" the midwife holds for all her couples. This class is called...
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    Week 32 - Midwife assistant

    Well, I've been spending the past couple of weeks searching for the right "doula" to assist us with our upcoming birth....
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    Week 30 - The Catholic midwife

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    Having spent my former life as a childbirth educator, doula, and wanna-be midwife, I've had the pleasure to be on a...
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    Week 29 - I am Blessed

    ValerieOr should I say, I have been blessed? Either way, it's pretty darn cool. Last night I attended an event in...
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    Week 27 - Mother bear

    ValerieWeek 27 - Mother Bear I have been having these dreams during this pregnancy which include wild animals in them. It was...
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    Week 25 - Spiritual Motherhood

    ValerieWeek 25: Spiritual Motherhood OK, so I couldn't really think of anything better as a title. After all, Ina May Gaskin took...
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    Week 16 - Trust

    ValerieThe key to a joyful pregnancy is trust, I'm convinced of that. Regardless of what type of care you seek during...
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    Week 13 - The search continues

    ValerieWeek 13: The search continues Well, it was a week of ups and downs. The search for the right homebirth midwife continues,...
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    Week 11 - Nothing Much

    ValerieWeek 11 - Nothing Much As the title states, nothing much is going on around here. I feel almost guilty even making...
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    Week 9 - Merry Christmas

    ValerieMerry ChristmasThere are many people who have dreams of the "perfect Christmas" and plan for weeks on end to try to...