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    Week 25: Hot enough for you?

    JenThe last few days I've only felt like lying on the couch and whining. I'd heard that it was hard to...
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    Week 28: Glucola and rum, anyone

    JennThis week I had that awful glucose tolerance test. I haven't been that jittery since I inadvertently poured myself a cup...
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    Week 29: A few days away

    Jen took a business trip for three days - the longest she had ever been away from her son - and comes to appreciate the difference...
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    Week 34: Breech baby!

    Jen's baby has moved into the breech position - bringing to the forefront thoughts of how this birth really may be different, after...
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    Week 36: Getting down to details

    This has been and is time for making sure the last minute things are in order. Some days it seems like there is still so much to do....
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    Week 37: Fleeting moments

    There are only three -- or fewer -- weeks left before Jen will meet her new baby. She's realizing that this time with her firstborn...
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    Week 38: This is it!

    JenBy the time most of you read this, I will be holding my new son. After what my doctor calls a...
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    Jen's pregnancy journal

    Come meet Jen, the mother of one who is expecting her second child in November of 1999!
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    Week 16: A new kind of trust

    JenI haven't always had a great relationship with my body. There have been times it's been downright hateful. My first pregnancy...