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It's been called the fourth trimester — and for good reason. The postpartum period deserves its own survival kit.

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After giving birth three times, I can tell you one thing.

There is something that I dread more than labor and delivery. And that's the time in my life known as the postpartum period.

From leaking boobs to bleeding nether regions, I am not a fan of the "fourth trimester." Nor am I necessarily looking forward to once again entering into it in a few short weeks. But at least this time I'm going in prepared.

Postpartum essentials for new mothers

On your to-do list for stocking up on baby supplies, prepping the nursery and oohing and ahhing over the tiny little baby outfits, be sure to add some essentials for yourself. If you haven't given birth yet, you may be shocked by the massive amounts of change that your body will go through after birth, and if you're an experienced mama, you already know that postpartum recovery can be a rocky road. So what will you need?

Feminine products

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So, you've gotten off scott-free from having Aunt Flo visit for the past nine months, huh? Well, now it's time to pay back your debt. Alongside of swiping every last pair of stretchy undies and pool-liner sized sanitary pad from your hospital room, you might want to consider the convenience of a postpartum feminine care kit, sent right to your door so you don't even have to move a sore postpartum muscle. With everything from leak-free underwear to nursing and feminine pads, this kit seriously has it all. And the few extra surprises inside just might make your recovery time a little bit easier to bear.  (, $50).

Meds to keep you moving

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As all-natural as birth can be, some of the aches and pains that can assault your recovering body certainly might not seem natural. After my third baby, I couldn't walk without discomfort for weeks. Luckily, there are many medications that are safe for post-pregnancy pain and breastfeeding. (Always be sure to check with your care provider before taking any medication.) To keep things simple, I love this all-in-one-kit from Healthy Mama that also includes every postpartum mother's favorite sidekick: a stool softener. Just trust me on this one. (Healthy Mama, $40).

A breath of fresh air

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You think I'm crazy for including a fan in this round-up, don't you? Well, allow this former labor and delivery nurse to give you a little basic physiology lesson on the postpartum period. You know all those hormones that were once raging through your pregnant body? And you know how you had all that extra fluid and your blood volume doubled and then you add even more fluids through your IV during birth? Well, it has to come out somewhere. And as your hormones try to settle back to normal, you will experience heat flashes you thought were only reserved for 55-year-old women. I once fell asleep and woke up sweating so badly that I had almost burned a hole in our leather couch. True, disgusting story. So treat yourself with a high-quality fan that will also perform double duty in helping your little one to get to sleep and reduce the risk of SIDS. Win-win. (Rowenta, prices vary.)

For your girls

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If you're breastfeeding, you will want to get your hands on some butter. Some Natural Nipple Butter, that is. In those first few weeks of breastfeeding, some kind of blistering or cracking is almost inevitable, and while you can bring home those ointments from the hospital or pick up some over the counter, who wouldn't love an all-natural option? With GMO-free organic and plant butters, this cream not only soothes those nipples, but is safe for baby — meaning you don't have to worry about residual cream on your nipples between feedings. All-natural, just like mama's milk. (Earth Mama Angel Baby, $9).

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