Funny And Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

When you're hoping to become pregnant, it can be maddening to try to decipher whether the symptoms you're experiencing are from pregnancy or from something else. We polled moms about their first pregnancy symptoms and while some are traditional, others are downright weird.

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Are you pregnant? Sure, you can take a pregnancy test, but if you take one too early, the answer may not be entirely true. You can make a guess based on your symptoms, but they can be weird and wacky — even if you're not pregnant. We talked boobs, barfing and babies on board with these moms to find out the real deal on early pregnancy symptoms.

"My boobs hurt"

By far, one of the first pregnancy symptoms many of these moms noticed was sore boobs. And we don't mean just a wee bit sore — we're talking real pain. Jenna, mom of two, had a little help to realize that something may be a bit off. "I was lying in bed and my cat walked across my chest, when he stepped on my boob it hurt so bad!" she relates. "That's when I thought, maybe… I took a pregnancy [test] the next morning and it was positive."

Melissa, who lives in Texas, reported she had a similar experience. "With my second and third, my boobs hurt bad," she says. "Like even putting on and taking off my bra, let alone trying to sleep."

"That smell makes me want to hurl"

Other moms noticed that they were triggered by certain smells, and the results weren't pretty. "The smell of bacon made me throw up," remembers Katie from Washington. "I knew something had to be going on, because my love for bacon doesn't usually waver." Kristi, mom of two, unfortunately had a similar experience. "I had cooking first hour (was in school) and we made tuna casserole this particular morning," she shares. "The smell made me sick. I remember looking at my teacher, and all she said was, 'RUN!' because the bathrooms were on the other side of the building."

"That just tastes wrong"

Smell is not the only sense to become amplified and altered during pregnancy. "Maple brown sugar oatmeal tasted salty," explains Lindsay, mom of two. "Like someone took a salt shaker and dumped all of it in the bowl." Emily, mother of four, probably didn't enjoy her experience any more than Lindsay did. "Things tasted different," she tells us. "With the twins, everything tasted like pickles for the first few weeks."

And a couple moms realized that their favorite drinks just didn't taste the same. "I couldn't drink a beer without feeling sick," explains Becky, mom of three. "I liked beer... I liked all alcohol, actually. But it all made me feel nauseous." Crystal, mom of two, had a similar experience. "With my first I went out and had a martini with a friend and I felt strange after drinking it," she says. "Not really drunk, just strange."

"Sleeping is good"

Fatigue is a common complaint of pregnant women, but pregnancy fatigue is far different from what you normally experience. "I slept for an entire Sunday," shares Maureen, mother of three. "I couldn't understand why I felt the greatest fatigue of my life. Four years and three kids later, I still will never forget that feeling of not being able to lift my head from my neck. Possibly because actually having the children causes a similar fatigue?"

Aubrey, who is expecting her third baby, mentioned fatigue also. "I was so incredibly tired," she says. "I'm anemic so I'm used to a certain level of tiredness. But this was a whole different ball game."

"It was just weird"

Pregnancy symptoms are as varied as the moms who experience them, and some moms had experiences that were a little more, shall we say, fun. "I wanted to punch everyone around me. I had a lot of rage," explains Krista, mom of two. Hollie, mom of twin girls, had a few notable symptoms. She tells us, "Sore breasts. Heartburn. Wicked weird dreams about babies and small children." Liz from Massachusetts also had a weird one that just sounds terribly unpleasant. "Gagging while brushing my teeth," she remembers. "For both kids."

Pregnancy is definitely unique for everyone who experiences it. What were your first pregnancy symptoms? Did you have any weird ones?

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