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Listen in and keep track of your pregnancy with some of the coolest techie gadgets for the modern mom-to-be.

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Right now is such an awesome time to be pregnant. Not only are our doctors and midwives employing all sorts of techie gear to monitor and keep track of our pregnancies, more and more amazing ideas are there for modern moms to take advantage of in their own homes. Even getting pregnant is more techie than it used to be, with ovulation prediction tests and devices available to anyone. Now you can listen to your little one and keep track of your pregnancy with devices and ideas that our moms only dreamed about when they were pregnant with us.


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Does your baby seem to enjoy when you play music through headphones on your tummy? Take it a step further and check out Bellybuds (, $50). They are specially designed just for your growing tummy and can be used either with or without adhesive (so you can wear them as you go about your day instead of holding them on your belly). And even cooler? Not only can you play music, but you can record your own voice (or those of your family members) to play through your Bellybuds so your baby can become accustomed to hearing those who love them, even if they're far away.


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The Bellabeat Prenatal Tracking System (Bellabeat, $129) is a handheld Doppler device that allows you to not only listen to your baby's heartbeat, but also record his or her heartbeat for far-flung friends and family to hear. How special would it be to send your baby's heartbeat recording to your mother to play for your grandmother to hear? You can also download a free app to track your pregnancy progress and connect with other parents-to-be.

Belly Armor Belly Band

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Modern times means that there may be more hazards we're exposed to. For moms-to-be who are concerned about radiation and its effects on her little one, the Belly Band from Belly Armor (Belly Armor, $59) is just what the doctor ordered. The super flexible and soft material actually consists of a high-tech special lining that shields the baby-to-be from 99.9 percent of background radiation.

Kickme Baby Kick Counter App

Kickme Baby Kick Counter App |

If you want to keep track of your baby's kicks easily, download the Kickme Baby Kick Counter App (Google Play, free). Whether you've been advised to keep track of your little one's movements due to concerns, or if you feel better having an easy way to count kicks and have the data clearly spelled out for you or your care provider.

Being pregnant is not only an amazing time in your life, it can also be full of questions or even worry. Modern devices can really help keep your mind clear, and they can also be a lot of fun. Enjoy your pregnancy a little more with these techie pregnancy gadgets.

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