Real Women Share Their Weirdest Symptoms

Forget all you've heard about pregnant women's glowing skin, thick full hair and long, strong fingernails. These expectant moms share the totally weird, ouch-y and straight up embarrassing pregnancy symptoms they never expected!

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Painful pregnancy

Sharon C., mom of one in Gilbert, Arizona, shares, "During the last trimester of pregnancy I began to experience a lot of pain in my pelvis and thighs. It was painful to do anything that required movement if one leg separated from the other (such as turning over in bed, putting on pants, walking up stairs or getting in or out of the car)."

"I didn't know what I had until after childbirth."

The symptom is known as pubic symphysis diastasis and there isn't much that can be done to help it. Sharon advises, "However, if you experience this, there are different labor positions that should be tried other than the traditional due to the fact that having this increases the chances of baby being in the face up or occipital posterior position which is much harder labor (lots of back labor) and typically longer labor. Being able to adjust your positioning can be helpful. In my experience my doctors didn't give much thought or concern to my complaints and therefore I didn't know what I had until after childbirth. Consequently I had a very difficult and long labor which resulted in a fractured pelvis and weeks of postpartum pain."

Hair-raising symptom

Stacy R., brand new mom of one, says, "I know it's common for the hair on my head to get stronger [during pregnancy], but I never got grays on my roots and only had to shave my legs once a month or so!"

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Weird cravings

It's no secret that weird cravings are common during pregnancy (pickles and ice cream, anyone?). But these odd cravings take the cake!

During her second pregnancy, Scottsdale, Arizona, mom of two Mindy H. began having "strange cravings for smells, namely, chlorine (I looked forward to my son's indoor swim lesson every week!) and the alcohol in hand sanitizer. I also once insisted on needing to eat burnt pie crust."

"I find them repulsive normally, but I couldn't help myself."

Jennifer T. of Phoenix, Arizona, admits that during pregnancy, "I ate McDonald's fish fillets at least once a week! I find them repulsive normally, but I couldn't help myself."

Suprina B. of Starke, Florida, shares, "I was never a coffee drinker but with my third I craved it like crazy! And of course that's something you can't have while pregnant. So I had coffee ice cream, coffee candy and coffee-flavored everything. Since then I have become a huge coffee fiend!"

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Pregnancy brain

These moms' experiences take the term "pregnancy brain" to a whole new level.

Karyn R., mom of two in Anthem, Arizona, insists, "Pregnancy brain is real. I was getting ready for bed, bent over to take off my pants and gave myself a black eye by hitting it on the edge of the dresser."

Mom of one Courtenay B. from New York City reveals pregnancy brain left her rather absentminded. "I completely forgot my age the entire time [I was pregnant] — like I totally blanked when I was asked a thousand times at doctor appointment or registering." She adds, "Now, not so much!"

"I used to puke during or after sex."

Completely uncategorizable

Melissa G. of Desert Hills, Arizona, mom of two children ages 3 and 1, had a particularly bad reaction to sex during her first pregnancy. She shares, "I used to puke during and/or after sex." She adds, "It would just hit me out of nowhere. I wasn't nauseous when we would start!"

Congestion clue

Maureen W., mom of three in Cornelius, North Carolina, shares, "With my first and third pregnancies (my two boys), I seriously couldn't breathe the entire pregnancy. I mean, it was like I was getting a crash course in snot before I became responsible for snot-creating beings. When I became preggo with my first and the congestion began, I thought I was getting sick. When the same congestion kicked in about a week before I could take a pregnancy test with my third child and second son, I knew. And since I'd had the same symptom with my oldest son, I suspected we were having another boy. Ding, ding, ding!" Maureen adds, "My pregnancy with my daughter — my middle child — was congestion-free. Does this mean she's the only child not trying to kill me?"

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Long-lasting labor

Michelle M., mom of two in Corona, California, says, "When my NP told me she was in labor for four weeks, I was like, 'yeah, right.' Then, my contractions started regularly (30 minutes apart) at 36-1/2 weeks and proceeded until my OB/GYN broke my water three weeks later. That's karma getting back at me ​ for doubting her pregnancy story!​"

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