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That pregnancy glow doesn't come naturally for all women. Some expectant moms actually struggle with difficult skin during their pregnancies. But fresh, beautiful pregnancy skin is just 10 steps away.

Pregnancy Skin care


Stay hydrated

Keep dry, itchy skin at bay by hydrating it from the inside out. Because you carry extra blood flow and additional body fluids during pregnancy, it is tougher to remain hydrated. Drink lots of water to maintain soft skin.



If tight skin continues to be a problem and you live in a very dry climate, employ a humidifier to help keep your skin moisturized without constantly having to run to the restroom thanks to all the extra water you're drinking!


and Hydrate

If dry skin is flaky, use a gentle exfoliating scrub on your body (as well as your face). Follow up with a gentle hydrating mask for your face and a rich moisturizer for your whole body.


Make a DIY
cucumber eye mask

If you're having trouble getting enough rest during your pregnancy, the skin around your eyes can get puffy and dark circles can appear under your eyes. To avoid this, cover your eyes with thin slices of cucumber for about 10 minutes.


Apply cocoa butter or oil

To soothe an itchy belly (or other areas), apply some rich cocoa butter or cocoa oil.


Use oil-free products

If your skin is plagued with acne that could rival a teenager's, switch to oil-free products for your face and body.


Avoid exposure
to the sun

The "pregnancy mask" or melasma is the skin discoloration that sometimes occurs during pregnancy — generally on the face — in the second or third trimester. It can worsen with sun exposure so be sure to apply sunscreen and avoid overexposure to the sun.


Avoid harsh
skin care products

Be sure that all of the skin care products you use are gentle enough for a pregnant woman. Ask your doctor about the products that are/are not safe to use during your pregnancy. It is best to avoid anti-itch or anti-acne products with ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or any retinoids.


Keep moving

To avoid getting varicose veins as a result of your pregnancy, walk often, try not to stand for excessive periods of time, elevate feet and legs when you can and avoid crossing your legs while sitting.


Run an oatmeal bath

To soothe itchy skin, grind oatmeal into a very fine power and sprinkle it in a warm bath. Or skip the grinding and instead put the oats in an old sock with a rubber band secured around the opening, then run a warm bath and squeeze the oatmeal starch into the water.

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