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I wasn't pampered

Throughout my three pregnancies, I never really had any specific pregnancy cravings. In fact, in the combined almost three years of being pregnant, I only asked my husband *once* to fetch me the clichéd pregnant woman late-night ice cream. And he said no. But honestly, I'm really OK with not seeing pregnancy as a time of pampering. It's hard work!

I swear I'm not some kind of preggo-hater

In fact, going on my fourth pregnancy here and working as a labor and delivery nurse, I kind of happen to really like pregnancy. You may even say I'm slightly obsessed with it. But that doesn't necessarily mean that I think we should bow down at the feet of every pregnant woman.

Yes, pregnancy is an amazing part of life.

But it is also just a part of life

I think that there is a danger in placing so much emphasis on pregnancy, with the adorable pregnancy announcement, the Pinterest boards of bump-friendly outfits and picture-perfect nurseries and the endless obsession with the latest celebrity baby news.

Don't hate for me saying so, but in our pregnancy-obsessed culture, do you ever wonder if pregnant women start to feel a teensy bit entitled to some special treatment?

As in, I'm pregnant, I deserve that nap!

As in, I'm pregnant, my husband better give me that massage!

As in, I'm pregnant, my boss better understand!

Of course, that's not to say that all pregnant women are like that, but I definitely have seen my share of the "pregnancy divas" at the hospital where I work. Women wanting work off for morning sickness, a woman demanding to speak to the hospital CEO because she still had pain during contractions, women who rush to the ER for every smallest twinge.

Pregnancy is the easy part

In all honestly, pregnancy is usually the easy part of parenting, so it's not an accurate portrait to paint of pregnancy as the rough ride that calls for endless spa days and smoothies.

It's a hard balance to walk, I will admit that — there is a lot that can go wrong during pregnancy and childbirth. But for the most part, I really don't think it's necessary to act like pregnancy is a mysterious, mystical time in a woman's life when she demands special treatment. Yes, it's important to be aware of your body if you're pregnant and to take care of yourself, but it is also important to learn to trust the natural process of pregnancy and realize that no matter what, it's not the pregnancy that matters — it's the family you have created.

I truly believe that the beauty of pregnancy will speak for itself without us proclaiming it to the world. As women, we can be realistic about our needs as mothers without creating unrealistic expectations for others. If we treat pregnancy like the normal part of life that it can be for many women then perhaps our workplaces, our employers, and heck, our restaurants, wouldn't treat pregnancy like a weird great-aunt they have to tolerate but don't really like.

Pregnancy isn't always a time for pampering, but it is a time for celebration.

Now that being said, who wants to come give me a massage? Anyone?

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