Again, With The Pumpkin…

Although you may be reluctant to dress up for Halloween this year, need I remind you that this is a holiday that involves free chocolate? Perhaps that could entice you to try on a costume or two…

If you're not a fan of the whole bloody-baby-hands-sticking-out-of-your-belly Halloween pregnancy costume that seems to be everywhere, perhaps something a little more creative might do it for you.

Pregnant Halloween costumes

Mummy style

For starters, you could go all Jessica Simpson and make like a "mummy." Use some old long-john underwear and muslin wrap for an easy DIY costume.

Image credit: Delia Creates

Magic 8 Ball

For the less creative among us (cough, cough), I love the idea of going as a Magic 8 ball. Just don a basic black T-shirt and slap a number 8 on a big white sticker on your bump and you've got yourself a clever costume. Let's just hope no one tries to shake you for the answer.

Image credit: Chicago Now

Dress your baby bump for Halloween

Lil' pumpkin

This costume is definitely much more up to my speed. Paint a jack-o'-lantern face on an old (large!) T-shirt so your baby bump is a living pumpkin!

Image credit: Something's Gotta Give

It's the milkman's...

If you have a partner hitting the Halloween scene with you, go retro and cause quite the scandal as dressing as a pregnant housewife — and have him wear a milkman costume!

Image credit: Kayla Danelle

Bun in the oven

I so wish I would have been pregnant enough at Halloween to pull this look off. An old cardboard box, some paint and some thrift-store suspenders would be enough to make this classic adage come to life.

Image credit: Daily Party Dish

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