Share Your Exciting News With These Fun Ways

There's nothing more exciting than finding out you're expecting a little one. Part of the fun of announcing your pregnancy is coming up with creative ways to share the happy news. Here are eight unique ways that will help make the announcement memorable!

A man, a woman and baby shoes pregnancy announcement

When the time is right for you to share your pregnancy with family and friends, here are eight fun ways you can break the happy news.


Throw a "baby" themed barbecue

Invite friends and family under the muse of a summer barbecue or simply for dinner. Menu items could include baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby red potatoes, baby corn — you get the drift. For dessert, hand out Sugar Babies, baby bananas or Baby Ruth candy bars. The fun part will be seeing how long it takes someone to catch on!


Send a care package

This is a fun idea for those who have long-distance family members, but can be modified for local family members and friends as well. In the care package, include baby-themed gifts such as a rubber duck and a bar of soap (blue if it's a boy, pink if it's a girl). Or include a tape measure with a note reading, "We're expanding." If you already have a daughter or son, include a photo of your child holding a sign that reads "Future big sister" or "Future big brother."


Surprise ambush

Did you just return from a trip, or have a fun experience that you want to share through photos with your friends and family? Invite everyone over to see your photos by arranging them in an album or creating a slideshow to play on the TV or computer. With everyone gathered around, strategically place a sonogram photo at the very back of the book or as the very last photo in the slideshow. Don't be surprised if you hear gasps!


Surprise ambush 2

Ever been at a family gathering and had to gather around for a photo? Use this opportunity to share your baby news. Recruit the help of the photographer, and just as the photo is about to be snapped, have the photographer tell the group, "Say '(your name) is pregnant.'" Not only do you surprise the family with great news, you get a priceless keepsake of stunned faces in the photograph.


Congratulate the grandparents

Although you're the one who is about to get congratulated, be the first to congratulate the grandparents-to-be by giving them a card that reads "Congratulations!" on the outside. Confused, they'll open the card and read how they have a grandchild on the way.


Read your fortune cookie

Order customized fortune cookies and have the phrase, "A baby is in your future" printed on the pieces of paper inside. Invite the grandparents-to-be and any other close family members and friends over for Chinese, and have them break their fortune cookies open at the same time.


Use that pregnancy stick

So you've taken a pregnancy test and have that leftover stick. Use it to share your impending bundle of joy! Send a pic of the positive test to your loved ones, or if it's Christmas, wrap it up for the dad-to-be and put it under the tree.



Love to bake? Then this one is for you. Bake a cake or cookies, and top it with the phrase, "We're expecting." Or write something funny like, "We're going to need a bigger car" if you're breaking the news to the dad-to-be.

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