Moments From The Delivery Room

Anyone who's had a baby knows going into labor doesn't always go as planned. In fact, some of the most memorable moments of being pregnant happen in the delivery room.

Woman in labor

On TV, delivering a baby is always a beautiful and quick experience. In real life, while what is delivered is beautiful, the actual act of labor isn't always pretty. Here are some delivery room confessions by real moms that left us laughing and remembering our own not-so-graceful experiences.

"My mother-in-law met us at the hospital to be there to watch our oldest, and when she came in the room I was getting ready to get an IV and all that fun stuff. She went to touch my arm and I'm pretty sure my voice turned demonic as I yelled, 'Don't you touch me!' I don't think she hugged me for a few days." — Mandi Welbaum, 26

Isolated baby blocks"I was only in labor for three hours, with 20 minutes of pushing. I battled low platelets the entire pregnancy, which could have meant no epidural. Waiting for the blood results took forever and I was in so much pain. I asked the nurse for Tylenol! The nurse laughed, and I finally got the epidural at 9 centimeters." — Amy Hartung, 34 

"As I had my feet in the stirrups and began pushing, I looked through my upraised legs and gasped, 'Who is that guy?' Everybody turned around to see that the delivery room door was open, and a custodian was standing there mopping the same part of the floor over and over while he watched the procedure. He enjoyed a great view until my obstetrician told him to scram, and a nurse closed the door. I may have forgotten the pain of childbirth, but never the Peeping Tom!" — Gloria Brimm, age 61

"When my second child came, I was feeling brave and invited all the moms into the delivery room — my mom, his mom and my stepmom. While pushing, my incredibly loving and sensitive mother said, 'Wow, that's not a baby, but a lot of poop.' Somehow it had never occurred to me that could happen. 11 years later and I still cringe at the memory. Mothers! Sigh..." — Dafna Michaelson Jenet, 40

"My husband passed out when I was getting a shot in my back during labor. My midwife had to bring him back to consciousness — all while I was the one suffering from intense pain." — Colleen Davis, 42

"I'm Caucasian and my husband is part Japanese. You don't really see it in him until you see him and his family together. We have had two children together, and each time I got looks from the nurses that should've killed me! Both of my boys came out looking more Asian, and you could see it in their eyes that they all thought I cheated on my husband! Can you say awkward?" — Christy Edwards, 27

"I had two C-sections, and the experience was completely different each time. The second time I felt a tremendous amount of anxiety. I did not want to be in that room. I had received my spinal, and the doctor had started the procedure when I decided I was leaving. I kept telling him, 'I have to go. I have to go right now.' And I'm pretty sure if I could have made my legs move, I would have tried to get off the table. Thankfully, they brought in my husband and he was able to bring me back to center." — Jennifer Williams, 41

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