Coping With Mood Swings And Irritability

When people ask, “how are you feeling?” they’re generally referring to the physical aspects of pregnancy without giving much thought to what’s happening with a mom-to-be emotionally. Being pregnant is a time of hope and excitement, but can also be filled with emotional instability.

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While mood swings, anxiety and irritability are all normal emotions to have, they can be difficult to deal with. Here are five ways to help manage your moods:

Take control of an existing issue

If you’re prone to anxiousness or have a pre-existing mood disorder, your emotional lows can be even lower. Work with a psychiatrist who specializes in prenatal mental health to get treatment that is safe for you and your baby. If you’ve never had depression or a similar issue, be on the lookout for any symptoms and seek treatment if you’re experiencing emotions strong enough to interfere with your daily routine. Pregnancy can stir up difficult emotions, many of which can be helped by talking to a professional.

Phone a friend

Spending long periods of time alone can foster negative thoughts and become worse if you feel like you don’t have someone to talk them through with. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends, family or other women having similar experiences to share your feelings and support each other. Those closest to you will be more than willing to help, now and after the baby is born.

Build your foundation

It’s common to see a dip in your relationship satisfaction with a newborn taking up most of your time, so use this time to work through any issues and discuss how you’ll transition into parenthood with your partner. Here are 4 great questions to ask before baby comes.

Calm your nerves by talking over important issues like financial planning and child care and share any negative feelings you may be having before you can hold it against one another. Make room for fun, too, by planning special dates throughout your pregnancy. Finding time to connect now will strengthen your partnership and give you both the opportunity to relax and enjoy being together before the baby comes.

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Revisit your priorities

Trying to do it all can be exhausting and depressing, especially as you navigate through the highs and lows of pregnancy and a schedule that’s busier than ever. Before things get too hectic, reassess your current responsibilities and cut out anything that isn’t essential. Learning to say “no” to things that require lots of work with minimal gains can help change your entire outlook.

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Let go

Excessive stress can be hard on both you and your baby. Yoga, meditation and exercise are proven to help reduce stress, but it’s important to find what works for you. Try getting a few extra hours of sleep, deep-breathing exercises or long walks to help you relax. By taking care of yourself, you’ll be able to make the rest of your pregnancy — and motherhood — more fun.

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