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Pregnant woman dreaming

Pregnant women report that they have some of the most amazing, crazy and disturbing dreams of their lives. We talk with moms to find out what their strangest pregnancy dreams were.

Birthing kittens,
losing baby

Nursing a ferret? Kittens in your belly? Lost baby? If you’re pregnant, chances are your dreams are vivid, wacky and sometimes upsetting or scary.

Birthing animals

One common theme pregnant women experience is giving birth to and breastfeeding animals. “When I was pregnant with Bella I often dreamed of giving birth to and nursing a ferret,” shared Brittney, soon to be the mother of two girls. Vicki from Canada had a similar dream. “I had a dream that I gave birth to Lyra and she was a litter of preterm kittens,” she said.

And Kelly had a different spin on the baby-animal theme. “When I was pregnant with Grey I had a dream about a baby boy in denim overalls, but then the boy morphed into my dog, Brodie (who is a little Maltese),” she shared.

Scary imagery

Some dreams are vividly scary and not always about the baby. “I dreamed that I had an aquarium with a miniature shark in it, but it was becoming aggressive toward me and freaking me out, so I decided I wanted to get rid of it,” explained Parker, mom of one. “I called my dad to help me and when he got there it sprouted bat wings, flew out of the aquarium, and started dive-bombing me from the ceiling. My dad went to get some Raid, then I woke up.”

Random weirdness

Some dreams are grounded in reality, or are our consciousness’s way of hashing out our very real fears, but some are just simply bizarre in nature. “I had a dream that when the sun was shining brightly on my belly, my skin was thin enough that I could see through it,” Meredith from Hawaii told us. “The baby rolled over in my belly to look at me and it was the Burger King, wearing a crown with the big red mustache and beard.”

And Brittney is having really bizarre dreams during her second pregnancy. “I keep having dreams about physically fighting with my mom,” she explained. “Which is weird because I love her and totally do not want to beat the crap out of her. But from the dreams you'd think otherwise. I wake up feeling guilty.”

Meeting Baby

Some moms dream about meeting their baby, but Cathy, mom of two, got a sneak peek via her dreams. “I had a dream that I could zip my belly open at the top and take the baby out… but I could only hold him for a certain amount of time then I had to put him back in,” she said. “He was perfectly clean and dry, and the most gorgeous baby I had ever seen... until I met him for real!”

Losing Baby

And many moms dream about misplacing or losing their babies. “I once had a dream that I went into labor and one of the nurses borrowed my baby, and lost him,” said Heather from California. “I was so devastated but no one else seemed to think it was a big deal. I only had him for a minute and was still sad when I woke up.”

Pregnant dreams seem to be more vivid because you tend to wake more frequently, and also your hormones are at top speed and are probably contributing. But the very normal fears and concerns that you work through during the day about your upcoming arrival continue to churn in your mind at night, which can definitely create really strange dreams.

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