The Home Stretch

In the final trimester of your pregnancy, you may get quite uncomfortable. Ride out your last trimester in comfort with these tips.

pregnant woman sleeping on side

Wear loose-fitting clothing

We’re not suggesting you pop on a mumu, but now is the perfect time to rock cute stretchy leggings with a flowing tunic. Throw on some flat riding boots and you can still be the most stylish pregnant person out there without sacrificing comfort for fashion.

Kick off your heels

Literally. When your belly in this big, trying to balance on sky-high stilettos is not only uncomfortable it can be dangerous for you and baby. Tuck your heels away until after baby arrives… it won’t be long now! Opt for some cute TOMS, ballet flats or flat boots (like those oh-so-popular riding boots I just mentioned).

Kick up your feet

When you get home from work or doing errands, put your feet up to avoid major swelling of the feet and ankles. Or treat yourself to a pedicure complete with foot and leg massage.

Eat smaller meals

As your belly gets larger and starts to cramp your rib cage, eating a big meal can leave you feeling as if you just might burst. To avoid that over-full feeling, eat smaller meals throughout the day.

Soothe heartburn

If you get heartburn after eating, avoid fatty, greasy and spicy foods. Don’t lie down directly after a meal. Try washing down your meal with a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey or eat a small amount of yogurt with your meal.

Get plenty of rest

Sleep may prove difficult during the final stages of pregnancy. Always lie down on your back or left side. Try using a body pillow between your legs and/or under your belly to create a more comfortable position.

If you find you can’t get through the night without several trips to the bathroom, reduce your liquid intake close to bedtime and try to make up for the lost sleep with short power naps throughout the day.

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