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When you decide to become a parent, sleepless nights come long before your bundle of joy makes her appearance. Pregnancy discomforts, frequent trips to the bathroom and more can keep your from the shut-eye you need. But, thanks to today's technological sleep aids, you can harness the quality sleep you need before your baby makes her grand entrance into your restful world with these five gadgets to maximize sleep during pregnancy.

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Zeo Sleep Manager

"Sleep is as important to overall health and wellness as diet and exercise, but it's the quality of your sleep that matters most," explains Zeo co-founder Ben Rubin. "Zeo allows you to take control of and harness the power of sleep by tracking all phases of your sleep, including restorative REM and deep sleep, so you can identify potential issues and find solutions to help you sleep better, feel better and do more during the day." The easy-to-use headband tracker is worn comfortably at night and synchs with your Zeo Sleep Manager Bedside or Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile device to coach you on how to maximize those pregnancy z's.

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Sleep Sounds

Sail off into dreamland -- and stay there -- with a sleep sound generator. Whether you prefer a bedside sound spa or a white noise app downloaded on your phone or MP3 player, the soothing sounds will lull you to sleep while masking sleep-stealing sounds like your partner's snoring or the nearby traffic. Once the stork has made an appearance, this sleep aid technology can also be used in your newborn's nursery to help little sleepers snooze, especially when a dog or other kiddos might be making noise in your household.

Chillow pillow insert

When pregnancy hormones have you sweating buckets, cooling down for a good night's sleep can be easier with the Chillow. This cooling cushion for your noggin is fashioned from memory foam and soft thermal gel and slipped into your pillowcase to keep your pillow chilled and comfortable. Or, check out the ChillowPLUS, a larger version to prop under the furnace strapped to the front of you or to soothe pregnancy back pain.

Bedside fan

Although not new technology on the sleep scene, a bedside fan is another sleep aid gadget that can help cool the heat pregnancy brings at bedtime while providing some soothing white noise, too. Many new fans are compact and made specifically for sleep, such as the RejuvenAir, which is marketed toward women. This bedside fan concentrates air to the specific sleeper and is equipped with a timer to cool pregnancy night sweats.

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Phillips Wake-Up Light and goLITE BLU

The National Sleep Foundation has marked the Phillips Wake-Up Light and portable goLITE BLU as its official light therapy products. The foundation recognizes the benefits provided by light therapy products to aid in helping you get up on the right side of the bed, especially during those precious months of pregnancy.

To foster good sleep habits, the National Sleep Foundation recommends that you establish a cool, dark boudoir, stick to a regular sleep schedule and jot down your next day's "to do" list in a journal before hitting the sack. With a little self-discipline, and in combination with these five gadgets to maximize sleep during pregnancy, you, too, can be getting the best quality sleep technology has to offer, both now and beyond these nine months!

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