When To Call Your Ob/Gyn

When you're pregnant, you might want to call your doctor 10 times a day with all of your pressing questions. Sometimes, that's not necessary -- and sometimes it is. Learn when you should call your doctor.

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Should I call my doctor if...

I'd like to induce labor?

We know: You’re tired of being huge and exhausted, and even just turning over in bed takes a lot of work. You are just so ready to be done with this! That’s why, in the final weeks of your pregnancy, your friends, colleagues and caregiver may talk about labor induction — basically, jumpstarting the birth process. Learn whether you should ride it out or ask your doctor for an induction.

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If I think I've had a miscarriage?

Many women experience uncomplicated miscarriages before they can even schedule a trip to the doctor for their pregnancies. The bleeding stops, she feels better, and she never arranges for a checkup. For the Rh-negative woman, however, this type of self-care may present a problem.

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I'm bleeding?

If you experience bleeding during pregnancy, you could be having a miscarriage — or it could be something else. Find out when to call your doctor.

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I think I lost my mucus plug?

If you notice blood-tinged mucus ("bloody show") from the vagina, you may be losing the mucus plug that has sealed off the cervix up to this point. Learn whether you need to call your doc ASAP.

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I'm doing some serious exercising?

If you're engaged in strenuous physical activity, such as training for a marathon, here's when and what to discuss with your doctor.

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I think I'm in labor?

A childbirth educator offers some advice for when contractions have started.

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I'm spotting?

Early in pregnancy, you may experience spotting, which may or may not be serious.

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