What Is Safe To Drink While Pregnant?

Every pregnant woman knows that water is truly essential during those nine precious months. It seems this liquid jewel is the solution to many of our pregnancy complaints, from constipation to fatigue to dry skin and everything in between. But, as the belly gracefully expands and hormones fiercely surge, many women find their taste buds transform as well. What was once a refreshing glass of liquid hydration turns into a bland, unsatisfying obligation. So, what is the pregnant woman to do? Clearly, it’s important to stay hydrated but it turns out, water may not be the only way to get the needed fluids.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends you drink at least 8 cups of fluids each day, but that doesn’t mean you are limited to only water! Check out our top drink ideas that will quench your thirst and satisfy your palate.

Fresh vegetable juice
Grab the juicer from the back of your cabinet and experiment with vegetable combinations. You may be surprised by what juices you enjoy when you’re pregnant. A mix of celery, cucumbers, carrots and ginger is light and refreshing and may even help with nausea. You can also add a bit of apple or lemon for a sweet and sour note. Fresh juices provide your body with much-needed hydration and nutrition all at once. You just may adopt a lifelong healthy habit!

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Spice up your water
Sometimes all is takes is a splash of flavor to turn boring water into a refreshing drink. You would be amazed at how a couple of lemon or lime wedges (or even a combination of both) can enhance the flavor of water. If you don’t add the flavor yourself, be wary of excessive sugar or artificial flavors. Some “healthy” waters are full of them. You can also spice up boring water by adding a splash of juice.

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Hint Water is a great alternative to sugar-laden choices. They call it “essence water” because pure extracts are used to flavor the water. This zero-calorie beverage is H2O with the flavor dial turned up just enough to trick your taste buds into thinking they’re getting so much more. There are a bunch of creative flavors to choose from like Watermelon, blackberry, Mango-Grapefruit and Pomegranate & Tangerine, so you can change it up as often as you’d like. An added bonus: after you have your baby (and are done nursing) you can use Hint Water to make zero-calorie cocktails!

What about tea?
We’ve all been told to avoid excessive caffeine during pregnancy, so switching to decaf tea is a great option. Whether you enjoy it hot or iced, tea can help keep you hydrated and provide antioxidants if you choose a green version (which contains trace amounts of caffeine, but much less than coffee).

While tea is a much healthier choice than caffeinated coffee and soda, it should be consumed in moderation. Look for tea specifically-blended for pregnant women and avoid any tea that is marketed as a nutritional supplement, such as St. John’s Wort or Kava. If you choose to drink tea of any kind, be sure to ok it first with your OB/GYN or nutritionist.

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Seltzer water is essentially water with added carbon dioxide, which makes it fizzy. If you are trying to wean yourself off of soda, seltzer may help you beat the cravings, especially if you add some flavor in the form of citrus fruit or a splash of juice. The carbonation can make you feel full if you drink too much too quickly, but seltzer can help you stay hydrated and help you avoid water boredom. Some women find that the bubbles even help with nausea. If you find that seltzer is just what you’ve been looking for, you can even make your own at home by infusing water with CO2.

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