Baby Shower Etiquette And Planning Tips, Including Who Should Host Baby Shower, When To Host The Baby Shower, Who To Invite, And Throwing Baby Shower For Second Pregnancy

What better way to celebrate the pending arrival of a new baby than by honoring your favorite mom-to-be with a baby shower? Should you throw a baby shower for the second child? Who should host? We answer your top baby shower etiquette questions so you can host a baby shower that will knock their booties off.
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Not sure where to start on your baby shower planning? “My advice is to make it fun and simple.  It should be a fun time for the guests, as well” offers Brooke Sheldon, event planner, Lilybrooke Events. “So, keep it light and almost cocktail party or birthday party style.”

Ready to plan the baby shower of the century? Brush up on these baby shower basics before you even plan your first detail: 

Who can host the baby shower?
Traditionally, family was not “allowed” to host the big bash, but times are a-changing as fast as baby’s diaper! From aunties to godmothers to friends, the hostess with the mostest is whoever wants to honor the pending arrival of your sweet pea.

The exception to the rule? According to professional family organizer Tonia Tomlin, “The only people who should not host the shower are grandmothers-to-be, and the mother-to-be herself.” If you do not fall into either of these categories, host away!

Family showers, co-worker showers & friend showers
From family to coworkers to friends (or those that fit in multiple categories), the guest list can be as long as the first night a new mom brings home her new bambino from the hospital. Many expecting moms will have multiple baby showers thrown by co-workers and family.

Whether you choose to host a family-only baby shower, women-only luncheon, co-worker celebration, or co-ed babyfest, keep the guests lists separate, and only host one bash. “Be sure to not invite the same people to multiple parties even if they cross over. Or, if you do, let them know you either don’t expect them to attend both, or you for sure don’t expect a gift for both,” advises Sheldon.

When should you have the baby shower?
Whether you choose to host the baby shower before the bundle of joy arrives or turn it into a welcoming party for the newborn, getting the Mommy-to-be’s blessing is best. Although you can throw a celebration all the way up to the due date, “most showers for women carrying a single baby take place about two months in advance of the delivery date,” suggests Tomlin.

 “For women carrying multiples, the shower should take place no later than the fifth month of gestation.” Just remember to send out invitations at least four weeks in advance.

Should you throw a baby shower for the 2nd baby?
The debate is long when it comes to the etiquette for throwing a baby shower for a family who’s expecting a child that is not their first. But, in today’s modern times, if the sex of the baby is different than the preceding child(ren) or so many years have past that essential baby gear has long gone, let the festivities begin.

Pro tip? “I would suggest making the invitation more fun and about the celebration of the baby vs. giving gifts to get the parents started, “offers Sheldon. “Focus more on a celebration for the new little one.”

Although the etiquette for throwing a baby shower has evolved, the goal remains the same: have fun and celebrate this new life. So, grab a pen, gauge your favorite mommy-to-be’s wishes, and start planning!

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