Check Out Our Pick Of The Top 7 Baby Shower Games That Are A Fun And Easy Addition To Your Baby Shower.

There is no better cause for celebration than a new baby entering the world! If you are hosting a baby shower, you'll want to make sure that in addition to yummy food and great friends, you provide your guests with some entertainment! Here are some classic baby shower games — some are silly and some are simple, but all of them are sure to make the party a real blast.
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Measure the Mama
The goal of this game is to have each guest estimate the size of the mama-to-be's belly. All you need is a spool of ribbon (select blue or pink if the guest of honor has revealed the baby's sex, or go with pastel green or yellow if it's a surprise). Have each guest pull the amount of ribbon they think would fit perfectly around the center of the mama's belly. After each guest has cut their string, have them measure it against the mama-to-be's belly (or pre-measure her belly with some ribbon and use that as the measuring stick to see who is closest).

Mums the Word
Whatever you do, don't say baby! When each guest arrives, present her with a small clothespin or a bead necklace (color coordinating with the baby's sex, of course), both of which can be found at party stores. Instruct the ladies not to say the word baby throughout the course of the shower. If one person catches another saying the word baby, she can take all the clothespins or necklaces that she has collected. The lady with the most clothespins or necklaces at the end of the party wins!

Bottle of Beans
All you need for this little guessing game is a baby bottle, some jellybeans, writing materials and a bowl. Fill the bottle with the jellybeans — be sure to count them before you add them in, and write down the number so you don't forget! — and encourage guests to guess how many jellybeans are in the bottle. You can set up a small table with small note cards, a few pens, a bowl and the bottle. The woman who guesses the number closest to the correct amount wins!

Down and Dirty
This game is not for the faint of heart. For this one, you'll need five or six baby diapers and the same number of chocolate bars of varying flavors (such as Snickers, Butterfinger, Crunch, etc.). Before the game, melt the chocolate bars just a bit, then spread a little of each candy bar on the diapers (one kind of candy bar goes on one diaper) to make them "dirty." Have guests sit in a circle, pass out paper and pencils, and then pass the diapers around one by one. Have guests smell each "dirty diaper" and guess which kind of candy bar is on each.

Baby Scramble
Before the big event, come up with a list of about 20 to 30 baby-related words (such as stroller, highchair, bassinet, diaper, etc.), then scramble them up and print out a copy of the scrambled list for each guest. The guests need to unscramble the words in a designated amount of time to win.

Pretty Pictures
When you send out the baby shower invitations, include a small note requesting that guests mail you a baby picture of themselves. Affix all the baby pictures to a piece of poster board, and number each one. Then have the guests guess who each picture is (of the women in attendance).

Taste Test
Before the event, purchase five to 10 jars of baby food (just buy the single food ones such as peaches or green beans, not any of the mixes — that could get really confusing!). Remove each label and set them out at the party with tiny baby spoons, paper and pencils. Have the women guess what each jar is filled with based on color, smell and texture. Encourage the brave ones to sample!

Remember, while the games are just for fun, it is nice to have a little prize for each winner. Select small prizes such as a candle, a manicure set or scented soaps.

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