WIll You Know When Your Water Has Broken?

What's it like when your water breaks? Seven moms from the Pregnancy & Baby message boards share what it was like for them!
  • It was a huge gush that just kept on coming. No mistaking for me! I went through 3 pairs of underwear and 8-10 pads in less than an hour! I hear it can be less than that -- I just must have had an awful lot of fluid! - TTKRmom

  • I think the best way to tell the difference is that when it's amniotic fluid, your bladder doesn't feel like it's relieving itself. The fluid could trickle or gush, but you wouldn't have the feeling of emptying your bladder or not having to pee anymore. - mcroper

  • This is kind of gross, but an easy way to tell if it's amniotic fluid is to smell it. It should smell sweet, not ammonia-y like urine. Both times my water broke it was a little pop and then when I sat on the toilet it kind of gushed out. It trickled out enough that I went through a lot of pads before getting to the hospital too. - KatherineNaomi

  • When my water broke, it was a trickle for 10 minutes straight. I got up from bed cause I thought I had to pee and 'peed' all the way to the bathroom... and 10 minutes while I was on the toilet. I needed a towel to get to the hospital. - Jadehawke

  • When your water breaks, the trickle is continuous, it won't stop. When mine broke it wasn't a gush, it was just like I was losing a bit of urine. But then it didn't stop. Two of my friends lost their waters in a gush though. - anj7

  • I agree on the smell: very sweet. I felt a little something laying down, and when I got up -- a gush and pink, and then I went straight to the toilet. It felt like I was peeing, but I could control it. - sedona01

  • Every time my water broke, it was a noticeable gush, then it continued to trickle. But I know it can leak out slowly. - les44

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