From Classic To Pop Culture, You Are Sure To Find A Halloween Costume For Your New Physique

Use your new physique to pull off a head-turning trick-or-treat ensemble. From classic costumes to those that are sure to cause some laughs, we have 35 fabulous maternity costume ideas to make this an unforgettable Halloween.
By Mary Fetzer

Halloween is fun for kids and parents alike! Now that you’re expecting, finding the perfect costume can be a challenge. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

Halloween characters

Greet trick-or-treaters in traditional spooky style:

  • Jack-o-lantern – Wear an orange sweat suit and add black felt eyes, nose and jagged smile. If you don’t want to be a full-blown jack-o-lantern, just paint your belly orange and pretend you’re carrying a pumpkin.
  • Skeleton mom – Paint a full-size skeleton on a black bodysuit, and include a cute baby skeleton in the tummy!
  • Uncle Fester – A bald wig, graveyard eyes and a big black robe are all you need to become this beloved character from The Addams Family.
  • Other easy classics include a witch, ghost and scarecrow. Pictured is the Classy Witch costume for $49.99.

Pop culture

You’ll be the talk of the party with these headliners:

    Juno - The movie was a smash hit. Wear a tight hoodie with a pair of jeans and a ponytail. Your husband can dress as Bleeker with track shorts, sweatbands high white gym socks and some Sunny D.
  • The Easy Button – In honor of Staples office supply store, don a red shirt and write “easy” in white letters on your belly. Don’t be surprised if people can’t resist pushing on it.
  • The pregnant man – You’ve seen him in People magazine and on Oprah. With a black beard and mustache and some regular-guy clothes, you can be Thomas Beatie, while your fun-loving husband dresses as your wife. Check out Internet images for inspiration.

Painted bellies

You don’t have to expose your whole torso, just cut a hole in your shirt and let the painted bulge poke through:

  • Crystal ball – Your painted white belly can stick out of your gypsy costume while you read people’s futures.
  • Beach bum – Proud of your pregnant figure? Put on a bikini and paint your belly like a beach ball. Pretend you’re carrying it around. Make sure it’s warm where you live or that the party is indoors!
  • Mother Nature – Dress in a flowing green gown, wrap yourself in some vines and put flowers in your hair. To really drive home the point, paint the earth on your belly and let it show.
  • Basketball – With your protruding belly, being a ball of any kind seems appropriate. For a basketball, paint your tummy orange, draw black lines on it, then put a hoop with a net around you. For added fun, your husband can dress like a basketball player.
  • Fishbowl - Paint your belly blue and add some colorful fish. Your hubby can dress as a hungry cat.
  • Peek-a-boo-baby – With a painted baby face on your belly, wear a button-down shirt to make it look like the baby’s peeking out.
  • Flower child – Braid your hair, wear some loud prints, and paint a peace sign or smiley face on your belly. Free love, man.

Unexpected pregnant girls

 Shock fellow party guests with these fun concepts:

  • Bride – Bring along your poor husband and someone with a shotgun to be your dad. Pictured is the Hillbilly Bride costume from
  • Cheerleader – With a skimpy cheerleading costume, some bed head and smeared eye makeup, you’ll have everyone talking.
  • Nun – Update this old favorite is by dressing your partner as the devil.
  • Catholic school girl – You wear a plaid skirt and knee socks, while your hubby dresses as a priest.
  • Playboy bunny – With bent rabbit ears, ripped fishnet stockings and Hugh Hefner at your side, you’re a playmate who’s seen better days.
  • Angel – A fallen angel, that is, with a crooked halo, one black tooth and your big belly.

Edible costumes, sort of

Foodies will enjoy dressing up as their favorite fare:

  • M&M – Any color sweatshirt and some black leggings will give you the look – don’t forget to paint a white letter m your front.
  • Watermelon – Using two shades of green, paint watermelon stripes on your belly and dress like a farmer.
  • Gumball machine – Dressed entirely in red, you can add a bunch of round color stickers to your belly. Just make sure no one tries to stick a coin in your mouth…
  • Pea pod – Dress yourself entirely in green, cut a vertical slit into the front of your shirt and let your painted green pea tummy show through.

Some oldies but goodies

These have been around for awhile, but they’re still great for laughs:

  • Bun in the oven – There are two ways to pull off this idea: 1) wear a large cardboard box decorated to look like an oven with a baking bun inside, or 2) dress like a chef and paint a loaf of bread on your tummy. You can also purchase the Bun in the Oven costume for $49.99.
  • Buddah – With a saffron-colored gown, your hair in a top knot and a serene expression, sit cross-legged on the floor while people rub your belly for luck.
  • Renaissance lady – You’ll be breathtaking in a high-waisted gown, push-up bra and ringlets in your hair. No corsets, please.
  • Bumble bee – Add black duct-tape stripes to a yellow shirt, attach two pipe cleaner antennas to a headband, and buzz your way from house to house.
  • Bowling ball– Wearing snug black clothes, add three white dots to your tummy. Change the holes to the number 8 and you’re an 8-ball instead.

For the brave-hearted only

Try one of these great ideas, if you can figure out how to pull it off:

  • Prego spaghetti sauce – Get it?
  • Humpty Dumpty – He’s an egg on a wall. Good luck.
  • Saturn – With a couple of hula hoops and some imagination, it’s doable.

Let your pregnancy make this Halloween one to remember!

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