Buy The Hippest Maternity Clothes From The Comfort Of Your Home.

Are you a little less than inspired by your limited wardrobe now that you’re sporting a new waistline? Just because you feel like as round as a watermelon doesn’t mean you have to succumb to stretch pants and boring T-shirts -- flaunt your splendid belly with style. These five online shops have trendy, comfy and sexy maternity wear for every mom-to-be at every stage of pregnancy.
By Elizabeth Weiss McGolerick

You can indulge your flair for fashion and celebrate your pregnancy at the same time with Stella Maternity wear. Stylish and trendy, these maternity clothes are made to help you feel good about yourself while your body is doing strange things to you. From funky and funny long-sleeved maternity tops to sexy maternity lingerie, Stella Maternity features such brand names as Belabumbum, Japanese Weekend, Glamourmom, Bump, Zoe B, Hot Mama Ink, Rock Star Moms and more.
MollyAnna’s tagline says it all about the personality of their maternity wear: “Bold. Sassy. Prego.” A favorite brand of celebs, MollyAnna’s T-shirts, thermals and raglans capitalize on some of the more amusing elements of pregnancy. They’re also minimizing their carbon footprint with their production of 100 percent organic tees and green maternity clothing. As the MollyAnna founder proudly says, “Birth control is for sissies!” Who says moms-to-be can’t have a sense of humor?
Clothes can be trendy, but if they’re not flattering then what’s the point? Eva Lillian doesn’t want any woman who’s leading with her belly to feel frumpy and not worth designing for. This shop outfits moms to look good coming and going, from top to bottom. Dress up your belly with camo or flowered mod looks, graphic tees or holiday fun. Eva Lillian aims for the maternity-wear seeker who wants affordable clothes that don’t skimp on style.
Celebrating the divine shape of pregnancy, Babies N Bellies ensures that moms-to-be will feel cute without breaking their planning-for-baby budget. They offer an exclusive line of funky maternity clothes that they categorize as “crazy, sexy, cool.” For urban mamas and those who are fans of belly “ink,” the styles from Babies N Bellies will make shopping for your new figure enjoyable and affordable.

A PeaInThe
For the moms who have some cash to spare, A Pea in the Pod offers a full line of stylish, high-end maternity wear. A Pea in the Pod also boasts their exclusive Secret Fit Belly creation – a seamless fabric that hugs and smoothes out mama’s belly throughout pregnancy – a favorite of moms who want to avoid that telltale maternity pant line. A favorite of celebrity moms, from Jessica Alba to Kate Winslet, A Pea in the Pod offers designer jeans to chic suits for moms on the job. Pictured is the crew neck tee in pumpkin.

Your body might not be your own. You might be stretching and bulging in places you never expected. But pregnancy is a beautiful thing – and you deserve to feel beautiful for the entire nine months. Don’t let your style suffer or resign yourself to your hubby’s oversized sweatshirts and one pair of pants. These shops show that your inner fashionista doesn’t have to be stunted as you celebrate impending motherhood.

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