How To Be Prepared For Baby's Late Night Feeding And Diaper Changes

If there is ever a time to be prepared, it is when you must feed and change your newborn baby, half asleep, in the middle of the night. Since the goal of nighttime feedings and diaper changes is to make the process run as smoothly as new lip liner, Joanne Kimes, the author of Bedtime Sucks: What to Do When You and Your Baby Are Cranky, Sleep Deprived and Miserable, gives us some tips on how to be prepared so you and your baby can get back to sleep -- at least for a few hours.
By Joanne Kimes

Keep a thermos of warm water on the changing table
The only thing worse than the cold shoulder is the cold tushy. Since you’re newborn’s sweet bottom is too sensitive to clean with standard baby wipes, you must use a wet cotton ball to clean the nooks and crannies in your baby’s hind quarters. The problem is that using a cold cotton ball is like wiping your kid’s heiny with an ice cube. Within seconds, he’ll voice his distain loud and clear.

Therefore, instead of dipping the cotton ball in the cold bowl of water that you left on the changing table hours before, put a thermos full of warm -- not hot -- water on the changing table every night before bedtime. Then, in the middle of the night when you’re coma tired and your baby is still half asleep, simply dip the cotton ball inside the thermos and you and your kid’s heiny will both be happy campers.

Use heated wipes
After four weeks, your baby’s skin will be as tough as George Hamilton’s and you can switch to regular diaper wipes. Although these are much more convenient, they too can be cold. If you have a sensitive kid who protests when you wipe him down with a cold wipe, get a diaper wipe warmer. In fact, get two of them and plug the second one in your bathroom. After all, why should your kid have the only happy heiny in the house?

Have an organized changing table
With the craze of having a new baby in the house, your organizational skills may not be their peak. Go ahead and leave the rest of the house in disarray, but when it comes to the changing table, it needs to be as organized as Martha Stewart’s craft drawer. Every night before you put your baby down to sleep, stock it full of everything you’ll need for late night needs. Diapers? Check. Wipes? Check. Clean jammies?  Check. The last thing you’ll want to do at 3 a.m. is run rampant around the house looking for diaper rash cream while your baby (which you left on the changing table in your sleep stupor) takes this exact moment to learn how to roll over.

Use night lights
In the dark of night, the path to the baby’s room is a landmine full of sharp toys, dog bones, and scattered clothing to step on. Ouch! Light up your path so it resembles an airport runway.

Warm the sheets
If it’s cold in your home, your babies sheets can feel like a slab of ice to  your baby’s gentle skin. If this prevents your bundle of joy from falling asleep when you lie him down, pre-warm them with a hot water bottle or heating pad. Just remember that whether you’re using the hot water bottle or the heating pad, it must be removed before putting your baby down since grill marks on baby’s back will certainly interfere with a good night’s rest. 

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