Extreme Fatigue And Morning Sickness For 12 Weeks?? How Are You Supposed To Cope With This?

Unless you're one of the luck ones, the first trimester can be the most dreaded part of pregnancy, especially if it isn’t your first time. The first trimester can bring with it nausea, sheer exhaustion, sore breasts, cramping, food aversions and cravings that have the potential of making life miserable for the first 13 weeks of your baby's new life.
by Christine Navratil

tired woman first trimester

Coping with morning sickness

While in most cases the new baby is planned, wanted and greatly anticipated, the side effects as your body grows and prepares to nourish your baby for nine months are not. One of the first signs a woman may get is sneakingly referred to as morning sickness. As the pregnancy hormone, HCG, rises in the first trimester, the nausea generally increases as well. Morning sickness does not necessarily occur in the morning, however. The sad truth that many expectant moms learn, is that while it can start and stop in the morning hours, more often than not it shows up at any given time of day and generally when you least want it too.

Some women can set a clock by their nausea, which may start at the same time everyday for weeks. Other women suffer with it all day which can make just doing the daily chores and activities harder than normal. In most cases the nausea is limited to just that, feeling like you are going to get sick, but not necessarily having to hang your head over the toilet. In some cases though, a woman may actually find herself in the bathroom or with a bowl on a few occasions throughout her pregnancy. In the most severe cases where a woman cannot keep anything down and seems to be living in the bathroom, a visit to the doctor is in order as dehydration can set in and cause harm to both the mother and the fetus. There are medicines, such as Zofran, that a doctor can prescribe to help curb the nausea and help mom get on with her daily life. Eating a small meal every couple of hours can help keep your belly from getting upset and keeping crackers, peppermints or gum close by can help in a pinch to keep down what you have put into your mouth.

Breast discomfort

Swollen and sore breasts can also become a problem, but normally they only get in the way if you are a tummy sleeper and when you discover that you have grown out of your bras, or can no longer you're your button up shirts. While you do not want to spend a fortune on new undergarments when you get pregnant, purchasing a couple of comfortable bras to wear out and some that you can sleep in can help better support your breasts and help with the pain.

Blissful sleep

Most women, even the self proclaimed night owls, will find themselves ready for bed about the time the sun goes down and begging for a nap every day. A woman's body works very hard during the first few months and it is exhausting. She might also find that previous foods she loved make her stomach turn at the thought of eating it, not to mention the smell of it, or that she is craving foods that she doesn't generally like. As your body grows all of your senses heighten, including the sense of smell and taste, which can temporarily mess with your head and add to the difficulty in eating and keeping things down.

"Well, that doesn't sound too bad," you might think. What else do you have to do but pamper yourself, eat all day, go shopping and try to stay out of the bathroom? If you work outside of your home it may be a bit difficult to handle the symptoms of pregnancy and eating may not always be possible. If you are really sick you may not be able to make it to the bathroom. What if you are not a first time mother?

Life goes on

If you are highly symptomatic, and already have at least one child, the first trimester takes on a whole new set of issues that a woman has to figure in. The age of your children can help or hinder the situation. With school aged children you have several hours you can just lay around and moan, and only a few hours where you have to take care of others.

If you have a child who is home with you full time however, finding the energy to get off the couch and make lunch can take all morning, and then you still have to think about dinner. You can forget about cleaning the house since by the time you are done making lunch you need a three hour nap and you just hope your child will cooperate and join you. By the time dinner is served and eaten you are already having dreams of crawling into bed, so the dishes will just have to wait till tomorrow... and there is always a "tomorrow."

If you are able, when you feel up to it, gather some snacks and toys for both you and your children and get them to settle in with you on the couch, or even in bed, to watch movies and play games. Let them build a tent over the living room furniture so that they can stay entertained and play on their own, while you lay down. Bring out the crayons and coloring books to help keep your little one entertained.

The good news is that most of the time the first trimester pregnancy symptoms will start getting better towards the end of the first 13 weeks and by the time you hit the second trimester the nausea will be gone, food will taste good again, you will be ready to stay up late and you will be able to play with your other children again. Nature is kind to women and gives them the second three months to recuperate from the first three, and prepare for the last three which will bring a whole new set of issues.

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